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Eurostar:: The most popular way to travel in europe is with Eurostar

  • Eurostar offer you a wide range of fares and schedules to suit your individual needs.
    Reservations are mandatory. Fares include the price of the ticket, the reservation and, if you travel in Premium First or first class, the price of the meal. To order a special meal, please use the Eurostar special meal request form.

    Beginning September 28th, you will be able to travel on the ever popular Eurostar and get to your destination 20 minutes faster! Due to the completion of the first high speed rail line in the UK opening in September, Eurostar will be slashing time on all destinations.

    With the saturation of air space and continued congestion on highways, Europe has been faced with the challenge of developing other economical transportation solutions. And they have indeed met that demand with an incredible network of train travel.


  • To visit two or three countries: There are a number of Eurostar combining two countries, including the France ‘n Spain pass, the France ‘n Italy Pass, the Iberic Pass covering Spain and Portugal, the Hungary and Romania pass, and so on. Alternatively, you can buy a Eurail Selectpass. This allows you to choose any 3, 4 or 5 neighbouring countries from the 17 European nations participating in the Eurail scheme.