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  • Trenitaliaplus wants to be your main source in North America for all types of Euro Rail Pass information as well as all other information regarding traveling through Europe on rail with either new single- or double-country passes, already becoming the favorites of today’s travelers.

  • ¬†We also offer information on a full selection of Euro rail Fare information so that you can reserve your seats on almost any train in Europe.
    Making the right selection means you need to have your trip planned out and your research in hand and in no time and at a at a good price you will be enjoying your vacation.


  • The Euro Rail select pass can be used in any of 18 European countries and comes in variety of pass options including Saver, Youth and Drive passes. To learn more about any Eurorail pass or to purchase one visit the appropriate site.

  • If you don’t want continuous unlimited travel – for example if you will stay put for a while between train trips – the Euro rail Flexi pass gives you either 10 or 15 days unlimited 1st class travel within any 2 month period. You choose when the 2-month period starts, then you simply write the date in one of the ten or fifteen spaces provided on your railpass each time you want to ‘spend’ one of your 10 or 15 days unlimited travel. If two of you are traveling together there’s a ‘Saver’ version of the Euro rail Flexi pass, which gives a discount. If you are under 26 years old there’s a discounted ‘Youth’ version of the Euro rail Flexi pass which gives 2nd class travel.